It’s my luck that by the time I need to re-up on paper towels and tp, people are panic buying. I overheard a conversation a couple of weeks back that my local Costco gets shipments of new rolls every Tuesday.

Line starts from where I’m standing, all the way to the hills. The entrance is to the left of the image.
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Every time I step out of the house, I have a game plan. I have my list and my new additions to my EDC: mask; travel bottle of disinfectant; paper towels; and hand sanitizer (currently 70% rubbing alcohol in a portable spray).

1. Wipe down with paper towel and disinfectant. 2. Push with one hand with paper towel separating you from the cart. 3. free hand will be clean for applying hand sanitizer. *It’s a production going out now.

I have to say I’m impressed with how shops in my area such as Costco, Trader Joes, H Mart and the gas stations have adapted. Stores are limiting the amount of people they’re allowing to enter the building. Screens were built to separate the crew from the public and there’s a support team to direct the crowd. May take longer than usual.

I’m sure everyone’s local markets are showing signs of fatigue. Only reason you see empty shelves is due to the panic buying and the logistics of meeting demand. There are just so many truck drivers to pick it up from point A to deliver to point B. Please don’t panic buy and be like these people. Buy what you need and be a decent person.

This time has made me refocus on certain goals and finding new ones to add. I found new things I’m grateful for. But for now I’m currently taking it day by day.

Might be time to really consider turning our economy into a cashless society.

New York based photographer.