I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to photograph Emily Weiss for Nike.  The prints are up at the Soho Nike store.... More
2/2017 BTS – Chinatown, NYC – Snakehead. Inspired by true events, SNAKEHEAD is an independent feature film written and directed... More
USA  🇺🇸 My best friend got his citizenship, congrats homie!... More
Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone on Flash Funding the Country’s Classrooms and Why You Should Care About Altruism by James Harris 3/2016.... More
2/2016. Now You See Me: A Look at the World of Activist Johnetta Elzie -THE WHELMING.... More
Mr. Flanagan’s global history class. New Design High School. NY, NY. 12/2014 (Fresh Prep: Jamel Mims, Shyvonne Sanganoo, Imani Shanklin... More
Travis Kelce Is Ready To Serve ‘Em.  Story by Aaron Randle. // 8/2015 Good food, great people.  Had a fun time in Kansas... More

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