For over 30 years, a husband and wife team has run ABC Party HQ in Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX. They made the news this past year with a few of their custom piñatas. I first heard of them when I saw their Donald Trump piñatas made the news. It wasn’t until I saw their latest: ‘Runaway Ted’, that I decided to take a trip out to the store to check it out.

I reached out to the shop to see if I could visit and see how its made. They kindly let me poke around. Alex Jr. is the builder. He forms the foundation and structure of all of the piñatas made here in the store. From classic cartoon characters to giant parrots the size of a mini van. Alex Jr. is one of the most creative builders I’ve met. Took him less than an hour to form and build Ted from seeing his debacle on TV as it was unfolding. To say the least, Texans have embraced it and they have been trying to keep up with the orders.

The other piñatas that are selling neck to neck with ‘Runaway Ted’, is Bernie Sanders from the Biden inauguration.

After speaking with a customer who picked up her preorder, I asked her what she would be doing with her Bernie? “This is going to be sitting in my house. We have no plans on destroying this. It’s going to be with us for a while.”

Vicky, the artist who brings life to all of the piñatas by hand painting each and every one.

If you’re ever in the area, come check out the shop! ABC Party HQ: 1414 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208.

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