N Seoul Tower

Hills, mountains and most of the time it’s in walking distance.  Korea has all three.  I’ve finally brought my computer back from Paju.  The other week I was sick and I wasn’t able to move let alone treck the hour long bus ride to the countryside to update this site.

So let me update you guys on what’s been happening.  I was planning to in Korea for only a month but due to Hurricane Sandy and a few other things I needed to take care of out here I am planning to stay two more months.  The first month was packed with EXTREME site seeing (cramming 1-2 tourist sites within 2-3 hours) and meeting my father’s friends and family for the first time.  Since I’m out here I decided to enroll into Korean school.  I’m learning to read a little bit but can’t write.  There’s 40 characters in the alphabet and 10 of them sounds alike.  The other 15 sounds a slightly different.

Korea’s cold.  Colder than Canada.  Not just freezing but the type of cold that sticks to your bone.  North Face is very popular here.  Plus anything hiking related.

December 1, 2012

My cousin and her friends brought me to N Seoul Tower a week after I felt better.  Try hiking while your shaking off the cold sweats.  It’s interesting.  Can’t breath, your hot, cold and you can’t make your first impression by pass out in front of the girls.  All in all, great view!

Seoul Tower sits on top of a mountain in Seoul.  The view from the midpoint walk up to the Tower.

Finally made it to the top of the tower.  I’ll update in a bit on how it looks like on the top and on the ground of the tower.  I have to run to meet my dad’s friend at some university out here near the Childrens Grand Park station.  Seagon?  Sadang? I’ll figure it out.


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