I came across this old video from my trip to South Korea in 2012.

They have plenty of these UV (Ultraviolet) hand sanitizer stations for public use in and around their subway stations. They’re definitely ahead of the curve. My thought at the time was that I wish the U.S. could catch up with the modern world.

I was amazed by the city. I love how clean and up to date the public spaces were. The facilities were kept in mind to keep the public safe and comfortable. Compared to NYC stations, Korea’s stations were something I never experienced. By the the consisting cleaning and daily shut down of the subway to give a scrub down. I wish we could do something like this back in NYC. But due to the inflating MTA debt and misspending by both the executives and staff, I don’t see this ever being a reality.

Fast forward to 2021. The only thing NYC’s subway systems have caught up with are the mobile payment option, OMNY, a way to enter the stations. But still no platform screen doors to protect riders from getting onto the tracks.

New York based photographer.